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I finally found a "10th Quest" in mint condition!! Click on the picture to the left to see the front cover art of a Merlin's 10th Quest still in its original box. This unit was released in the early 90's and is the latest (last?) in the Merlin handheld game series. After mastering it's 9 new games, a mystery 10th game is unlocked.



Back art of Merlin's 10th Quest box



With VMerlin 2.00 you can alter Merlin's look from the standard Red on Red.



The restoration is complete!! This is a before and after image of the original Merlin box cover art.



The find of a lifetime!! (At least for me anyway) A Merlin from 1978, still in the original shrink wrapped box!! Cleaned up scans of this box will be used in the interface of the next release of VMerlin.



Back Art from the original Merlin box



Yes I found one of these too. A Master Merlin from 1981, still in the box, complete with instructions!! (Perhaps a future project. :) ) I did not even know this model even existed!! It plays 9 games rather than only 6. Ironically, only one of the 9 games is similar to the original 6 Merlin games. It is amazing how many games can be played with only 11 little red lights. :)



Back Art from the original Master Merlin box.



The Virtual Merlin was created in a 3D program first - as a wireframe model. The original Merlin was too scratched and worn to produce a good quality image.



Here is a shot of the Virtual Merlin actually running in a Windows window.


This is a rendered shot of the Merlin rendered from the 3D wireframe model.

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