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A PC in my living room ...?

If you're reading this, then you've probably already have a PC in the living room - or you are considering it. Perhaps you have a game console you're using to play movies, music, photos, and TV shows you've collected. The need for VERSATILE playback of ALL formats of digital media is growing every day and the game consoles are not going to be able to do everything that a PC can do. Today's media files are diverse in format, often big in size - making a game console little more than a dabbling tool in the world of digital media playback. A PC connected to your TV can open many more doors ...

If you already have a full blown computer with a mouse, keyboard, and TV OUT going to your entertainment system, then you are already enjoying many perks of "whitebox" (a generic PC plugged into your TV) already. Maybe you are playing games on your giant screen TV. Perhaps you're already connected to the Internet and surfing on your screen from the comfort of your couch. Maybe you're already doing some 'jukebox' stuff for your media.

It makes TOTAL sense to look at what else this computer plugged into your TV can do for you. One of the hottest technologies now is PVR - or Personal Video Recording. Its one thing that game consoles aren't going to do - and the PC can excel at doing. The TiVo and Replay 'set top boxes' have been around a long time capturing TV shows and allowing playback - but they are only touching the surface of a much bigger pond.

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• Introduction

Why a PC PVR?
•  Understanding the PVR
•  Why Not TiVo?

Firefly Remote Control
•  Couch Commander
•  Not just a mouse ...

Beyond Media Basic
•  The Media Jukebox
•  What works and doesn't

Beyond TV 3.5
•  Introduction
•  Making Live TV Better
•  Scheduling & Recording
•  Archiving & Playback
•  The Web Interface
•  What's New in 3.5
•  Requirements...

•  Quick Summary
•  Where and how much?
A PC connected to your TV can open many more doors ...