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Computer application programs (aka 'productivity' titles) are a funny thing. They appear to fall into one of two categories; one, you don't need it (anything that TechTV and the rest of the media ignore) or two, your soul will be stolen in the middle of the night if you don't have it (anything they can scare the living crap out of consumers with). Unfortunately, tools that solve small problems (even if they help every single time you're on the computer) tend to get largely overlooked by the media (and hence the public - it would seem that no one can think for themselves anymore).

People seem to be willing to pay for 'soul-related' programs like Anti-Virus, spyware removal tools, and firewalls. But they balk at paying for products they use every single day because there are too many "free" alternatives (like email, web browsers, and of course, file managers). People will take a step down in product to avoid paying anything. As I've said many times, many places - it only seems that computers are subjected to a reprieve of the "you get what you pay for" rule that is globally accepted for all other products and services.

Creating and selling a product like Directory Opus is a tough sell in today's world. There are free alternatives (although they don't touch Opus' power and flexibility) and let's be honest; today's average computer user just isn't as smart and independent thinking as the throw backs to the 80's and early 90's (when Directory Opus FIRST came into fruition on my favorite computer of all time, the Commodore Amiga).

As such, products like Directory Opus have to pull double, triple, and even QUADRUPLE duty to make their innate worth apparent to everyone - not just as a file manager, but filling in all the blanks that are outstanding with file management.

Most people don't even know they NEED file management - figuring "I got Windows Explorer - and that's enough for anyone". Yeah, and 640k of RAM is all ANYONE will ever need. If you're a skeptic, the next page is for you ...

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• Introduction

Why File Management?
•  Everyone Needs It
•  Why Not For Free?
•  Reflecting on DOpus v6

What's New in V8
•  A Quick Overview
•  Listers Redux

The Power In The Listers
•  Powerful Operations
•  Beyond the Call
•  Flat View

The Tools
•  Magic File Renamer
•  Super Viewer
•  Dupe Killer
•  File Sync

Extreme Configuration
•  Preferences
•  Customize

•  The Top 10 of V8
•  Links and Prices
... tools that solve small problems tend to get largely overlooked ...