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Who is going to be there?

The show is hosted by Shane R. Monroe (MonroeWorld Gamecast, RetroGaming Radio and Dual Screen Radio). You just NEVER know who is going to show up! "Resident" celebrities abound - and this page will list any other folks of interest that are scheduled to attend.

Names in yellow have confirmed they need rooms. If you are not in yellow, and need a room, contact me ASAP - and make sure you register!

2010 Attendees

  • Shane R. Monroe (Monroeworld GameCast/Passenger Seat Radio)
  • Alex J. Lopez (Monroeworld GameCast)
  • Chris Hentschel(Monroeworld GameCast)
  • CasualSpark
  • Techmaster
  • Darksol
  • Worknman
  • So Cal Mike
  • ArcadeNut
  • wildo2ne

2009 Attendees

  • Shane R. Monroe (Dual Screen/Passenger Seat Radio)
  • Alex J. Lopez (Wii Minute Radio)
  • Mike Kennedy (Chasing the Chuckwagon)
  • Troy Toulou (RetroGaming Radio)
  • Brien King (Arcade Restoration)
  • Chris Hentschel (Dual Screen Radio)
  • Steve (wildno2ne)
  • Eric (entexman)
  • Fernando (Flare)
  • Russel (techmaster)
  • Mark E. (Sgt.Bilkothe3rd)
  • Chad A. (Chooka1)
  • Darryl Hannabach (Super)


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