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What is it?

Tired of gaming shows where you don't know anyone? Where you KNOW there is a party going on SOMEWHERE, but you weren't invited? Experience Monroe-A-Palooza!

Monroe-A-Palooza is a gaming party for the "residents" of the Monroeworld.com websites and forums - including RetroGaming Radio, Dual Screen Radio and the Monroeworld.com discussion forums.

Held in Phoenix, Arizona this gaming party is a get-together of epic proportions where all our "virtual friends" finally get to come together "in real life" and socialize, play classic game consoles as well as LAN-style play of modern consoles like Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360 and others.

Visit local arcades like Castles & Coasters and local "residents" own arcade (restrictions may apply - availability may be limited - and prior authorization may apply).

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