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You may register for the 2010 event now! The show is the weekend of July 24th and 25th.

Everyone should register as soon as possible for the event. This is not a contractual committal or anything - but rather a head count so we can make sure we have as much planned ahead as possible.

Registration fees are variable; based on the number of attendees - that's part of why we need a head count; to make sure we charge only enough to pay for the venue and no more. We will notify everyone closer to the event what the fee will be. In prior years, everyone kicked in $20.

Register for a Hotel Room (required for discount - I MUST have your full information to reserve your room - do not contact the Venue Hotel to book rooms. Contact Shane!

Full Name
Username (Forum, DSR.com Username, etc)
Email Address Make sure it's real!
Need Shuttle Service
(to and from the airport)
Yes (willing to help with gas)
No, I'll be driving or renting a car
Reserve me a room at the Venue Hotel Room(s)
How many coming? Myself and other(s)
Can you bring tables, consoles, TVs or other items we might need?

Yes, I'll leave comments with what I got
No, I'm not driving

Make my attendance public? Yes, show everyone I'm coming (Username only)
No, I'd rather not have my name public
Comments, etc.

Register for a Hotel Room (required for discount)




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Register for Event