This is the second collection of Sid Player music in my series.

Long before MP3 files ... before the popularity of "8-Bit Chip Tunes" ... well before the "High Voltage Sid Collection" ... came a little thing called SIDPLAYER and it's composition partner - SIDEDIT.

During the mid to latter 1980s, SIDPLAYER inspired a connected online presence known as QuantumLink to arrange, compose and trade some incredible songs - mostly arrangements from popular TV, movies and pop music of the time and decades before.

This phenomenon become known as The Compute's Gazette Sid Collection (CGSD); thousands of songs that have been subsequently ignored by fans of early computer music in favor of "in game music" and compositions from a handful of (admittedly) talented musicians (via projects like HVSC which contain none of the CGSD).

Even as "8-Bit Music" became more popular, part of the experience - the SidPlayer keyboard (also known as "Enhanced SidPlayer") fell by the wayside for basic, but functional players for Windows like SIDPLAY/W and other working - but unmemorable software - some highjacking the name of the original but never presenting the original experience.

For those of us in the scene - the "I was 8-Bit ... before 8-Bit was cool" crowd, SidPlayer and the CGSC is how WE remember music from that era; complete with keyboard display and playing music of the time period we existed in at the time.

This is the first of possibly many tributes of real music, played back on the original hardware (emulated for convenience) - with the original interface, timing and content that we, the lovers of music at the time, remember.

Enjoy your trip back to the '80s.

This collection features the following tunes: (with composer)
America (Bobbye)
Here I Am (Bobbye)
Look Away (DC Star & CPR)
Memory (Bob Huffman)
Mr. Roboto (David Strauss)
Ob-La-What? (Roth)
Straight Up (DC Star & CPR)
Sweet Dreams (Bobbye)
The Promise (DC Star & CPR)
Xanadu (Crazy Bill)
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (DC Star)
It's Still Rock 'n Roll To Me (DDK)
Never Ending Story (Alex Morales)
Rock Me Amadeus (Crazy Bill)
She Works Hard for the Money (Bob Retelle)
Sounds of Silence
Sweet Child of Mine
(the video has issues with the second two songs ... sorry)