Legend of Grimrock

Developer: Almost Human
Genre: First-person dungeon crawler RPG
PC Release: April 11th 2012 at GOG.com, Steam and direct at Almost Human
Price: $14.99 – Pre-order Grimrock before April 11th for the special price of $11.99/£7.50

Combining “an old-school heart with a modern execution” Legend of Grimrock aims to bring the classic dungeon crawler to a new generation of adventurers while staying true to the stalwarts who have enjoyed the genre since the days of Dungeon Master. Forming a party of four prisoners, players must descend and escape from Mount Grimrock while surviving devious traps, solving forgotten puzzles and conquering the less than friendly denizens of the dungeons. As a group of four, the party marches together utilizing protective formations that safeguard vulnerable members of the team. With sturdy warriors in front, the mages and rogues of the player's escape party avoid harm until one of their protectors fall.

That doesn't mean the guys at the back are helpless, however. Rogues use archery and throwing weapons to take down powerful opponents with mages casting spells using a system of runes that allow for interesting combinations...as long as one has been learnt by the player. Combining the fire and physicality runes can create a fireball, for instance.

Noble or commoner, brain or brawn, guilty or falsely accused, only skill will see the prisoners to victory.


  • Make your great escape with a heroic quartet of your own design: Fighters, rogues and mages.
  • Meet your inevitable demise sooner rather than later: Selectable difficulty settings for rookies and veterans alike.
  • Grow from novice to master in your quest for freedom: Build your party with the races, skills and traits that will lead you to victory.
  • Pen and pencil are relevant again: Utilize Grimlock's automapping system or go it alone using printable graph paper available with pre-orders.
  • Think like a general, fight like a Spartan. For realsies: Real time combat tests your ability to plan ahead, manoeuvre and battle the creatures you will face. Attacks can be dodged. Arrows can be sidestepped. Cover can be taken. Take that, Gears.

Pre-Order Bonuses

  • Purchasing the game direct or at GOG.com gives you access to:
  • The game's title theme.
  • The official manual and world map.
  • Printable grid paper.
  • Wallpapers and concept art.
  • A lovely photo of the dev team.

IF you were brought up on Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master and all of the classic crawlers, then do yourself a favour and check out this game.
Superbly polished, with some fiendish puzzles, Legend of Grimrock brings the dungeon crawler bang up to date.