Hey everyone,
As you may or may not know, I'm currently in production of a documentary about the arcade classic Dragon's Lair. I've posted a similar thread over at KLOV, but so far nobody has really stepped up to be interviewed. What I'm looking for is somebody who is a Dragon's Lair anti-fan. It was suggested that in order to give the documentary a fair and balanced view of the game I should include the viewpoints of those who find the game unappealing. After much consideration I decided that this was a good idea. As much as I love the game I can't really ignore certain viewpoints. So if you or somebody you know isn't too keen on the game then definitely let me know. What I'm looking for in an interviewee will include 1) somebody who remembers Dragon's Lair in the arcade 2) somebody who can intelligently speak about the game's flaws on camera and 3) lives in the United States (preferably northeast) or Canada. For those interested they can reach me at marty@sleepyeyedfilms.com or get me through the facebook or twitter links below. Thanks.