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Thread: store names of local video rental places

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    store names of local video rental places

    This past week Blockbuster officially closed its doors in my town. They had been there for years. They had caused our local video stores to close shop over the years. I always liked the names of these local stores. I remember renting Atari 2600 games back in the day. Below are some of the video stores that came and went in my town through the years.

    Apple Video
    Video Forum
    Video Power
    Planet Video

    As I was listening to Shane's rants about physical media going away I became nastolgic about our local video stores. There is no longer any video rental place in our town. In fact I cannot think of a video rental place in the neighboring towns. The only place to get DVD's is the red boxes at the local shop rite and there is one in hannafords.

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    Sort of the same when it comes to book stores... I mean, how many local book stores does a Barnes & Noble put out of business? But now some of the B&N stores are closing down, thanks to Kindle and its ilk. I guess what goes around eventually comes around. Circle of life

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    I used to have Showtime Video in my area.
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    Here in NZ we've still got:
    United Video
    Civic Video
    Ezy Video

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    I used to go to a video store back in the days called Pick-A-Flick Video in Asheville, NC. That was a very interesting place... I wish it was still around in some form...

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