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    jxd s7100 amiga

    Hi too all,as you can tell this is my first post.......been a follower of rgr for many years but always set in the back ground just listening and reading,
    i am posting here just to defend the amiga emulation on the jxd,as in the feb 2012 show alex says it pretty bad for amiga emulation,sorry
    but i beg to differ, it runs amazing ie superfrog perfect/alien breed prefect/ 9fingers perfect/state of art perfect/project x prefect just to name a few.
    I aint got time play though all the games to see if they crash or not.It pretty much played amiga for me straight out the box(1.3 rom).i do have the capacitive version.
    tryed different firmware all add the japenese junk on,now running GaboROM_v0.2, gba snes megdrive neogeo gbc gb all run brilliant.At the end of the day i boughht this
    for running old systems and it does it well,browser is debatable.wifi i dont have a problem(netgear router)the controls work galaxys2 and and tab get little to no
    use since i bought this for emulation,if you like messing with different roms and not afraid of flashing it(easy do) then this is for you,best gadget i have bought for ages.
    Any requests to try amiga roms or games i will do my best.
    cheers tony wings shadow of the beast 2 Nebulus
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