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Thread: Nigerian Scam Game

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    Nigerian Scam Game

    Why has no one made a sandbox game based on the Nigerian Scam where you start out as a petty thief and have to work your way up to King Nigerian Scammer?
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    People have made a game out of baiting them in real life lol...

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    These people are annoying. I have an ad for a rather expensive item up on Craigslist that says 'cash and local pickup only, will not ship, please no internet scams' and even have a link to a site like the ones above that outlines various Craigslist scams, and they still feel the need to bug me anyway. 'Hey, is your item available?' When I say that it is, the next email is some variation of them wanting to pay with Paypal and for me to ship it to Lagos, Nigeria. Really? REALLY!?!?

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