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Thread: Jaws Ultimate Predator 3DS Mini-Review

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    Jaws Ultimate Predator 3DS Mini-Review

    So, I picked up JAWS 3DS today. The price finally hit where I was interested and it was pre-owned.

    I went through the first 5 or 6 "levels". Here is a quick look.

    Here is the first game I've seen where the 3D is the BEST part of the game. The visuals are very nice - not quite Endless Ocean nice, but the 3D effect is extremely nice and are a nice showcase of the tech. The organics of the blood and gore after chewing up a fish, shark or human are rather satisfying. The seabed is a bit repetitive but they throw in some niceties from time to time (sunken ships, shark cages, etc).

    The "interactives" graphics (fish, humans, turtles, etc) are well done enough and the shark himself (your player character) is gorgeously animated.

    That's what's RIGHT about the game. Now let's move on.

    WTF is wrong with developers? It pissed me off immediately when PRESS START showed up on the screen and hitting A wouldn't get me by it. The ugly ass UI can't make up it's mind about how you should interact with it. The UI is, in itself, ugly - and worse yet - just mishandled (changing from main menu to options requires this long transition between screens - and back again).

    Alright - who cares about the UI? What about game controls?


    The only thing that DOES work is the analog disc - which gracefully moves your shark around perfectly. Unfortunately, it is complimented with the most horrific button/screen combo. SOME onscreen controls can be replicated with the buttons - but the one you NEED THE MOST? Is it A? B? X? Y? What? THAT'S RIGHT ... RIGHT TRIGGER! WTF? All your "jaws" moves (attack, eat, etc.) all with R button. Insane. On later levels? You have to SWIPE!?! Uggh.

    On the touch screen you have 5 "hotspots", each for a different move. In middle, a big open set of teeth house a mini-radar that shows you your immediate location and objectives. Wait, if the objective is off the radar .... you get a little arrow showing you where to go? At least on the radar? NO. WTF? Hope you are clairvoyant.

    Do you get the Jaws(tm) music? You do .. finally. But - like all great musical interludes ... it is better in small doses .. not as "musical beds for a video game level".

    The game is not without its charm - once you get past all the horrible stuff. It is extremely satisfying to ram into boats, knock hot chicks off and eat them - leaving a bloody trail in the water.

    What's sad is .... This game needs just a minor overhaul of controls and it would be totally decent - even pleasurable. Too bad.

    When this sucker hits Best Buy at $5 .. it will NOT be a boating accident. Until then, stay out of the water.
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    I like the part about eating hot chicks.

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