Sure it's a long response but I DO give some examples lol! A response to thesaintedmagnusshow "10 things you hate about gaming tag"
NOTE: If you don't have time or want to hear my personal examples for each reason no problem, HERE are the 10 things I talk about: (though to be fair, if you disagree with any you SHOULD hear my example first)

1. Getting harder to find good deals (on retro games)
2. Power or other disruption JUST before reaching a higher level or score.
3. Achieving something in a game and having NO PROOF!
4. Game glitches / bugs that wreck your game.
5. Getting that anticipated game that just does NOT deliver!
6. Game to short.
7. Unskipable cut scenes.
8. People who don't "get" video games and on top of that mock or belittle you.
9. Crappy endings.
10. Not enough titles for your favorite genre.