It's time to pack up and sell the Thunderbolt. As long as you keep it on 3G and are running a custom rom (which it is), it isn't a horrid phone and a nice upgrade for some.

Anyone in my public circles interested? It's been Ghost Armored since day one. Standard "pocket wear".

I'd even let it go with the 32GB card that's in it

Verizon will give me $90 right now for it - and I'll peel off the ghost armor and give it to another Tbolt owner - and of course, remove the SD card.

4G is a battery sucker, but you easily flip it on and off as you need it.

Still have the original box and documentation, etc.

I also have my wife's original Droid 1. It has a nice custom rom on it, great shape - standard wear around the edges .. Screen is in great shape (NOT Ghost Armored but still great). I have accessories for the Droid 1 - docking station (might even have 2) and a car holster for GPS use too.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in either phone, let me know. Otherwise, it's off to eBay.