Hi! First off, this is an awesome program, even if it is JUST for the sav backup-er [which is what I use]. I would LOVE so much to see the update centre at its full functionality, as currently, the firmware/cheat updates aren't doing too much . The cheats are being taken from cheats.gbatemp.net, which is somewhat severely outdated ><. I reckon you could try making something that grabs cheats from a website like codejunkies, as Cyclods Tools does, although its buggy, as it crashes and doesn't work for me.

The firmware doesn't work too well either, as I have 1.59, and it suggested I 'upgrade' to 1.58. Can't be blamed though, after all it's grabbing data from other websites and it could well be the websites problem that's causing these 'downgrades.' Although, the update for CycloEdit itself is trying to upgrade from 1.102 to 1.12, but after the upgrade it has in fact downgraded to 1.101 Weird =P haha.

Would anyone happen to know how to fix some of these problems? Love the program btw, 'tis awesome ^^.