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Thread: Shane goes hands on with the 1970's Radio Shack Executive Decision Maker

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    Shane goes hands on with the 1970's Radio Shack Executive Decision Maker

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    I got my dad one of those for a gift way back when
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    Can I still get one? I think after being exposed to the business world for 10 years , this might indeed be the best thing for making decisions.

    I yearn for the days where we could have used games of chance or direct physical confrontation to make decisions.
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    That is awesome.. Love how it answers "Forget it" when you ask it a serious question. LOL!

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    I had one of those! I left it with a friend at my old company. When I left, I told him, I was leaving him in charge of making all the important decisions.

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    Haha....Radio Shack is such an anomaly, it's always been a haven for so much electronic crap.
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