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Thread: emudx, remember the classic of yester-year!

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    emudx, remember the classic of yester-year!

    has anyone managed to get this working on windows xp?
    i'm thinking it may not be possible, as there may be DOS STUFF in there,
    or other such incompatibilities?

    if anyone in the know can shed light on this, i would be grateful.

    thanks for your time.


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    Good luck! Getting it to work on XP will be tricky. I liked this emulator. It's too bad it is not supported anymore.

    Actually have you checked out the Raine emulator:

    I just tried it out with Pacman with DX support and I can run Pacman DX now!

    Check it out when you get a chance.
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    Eric Feliu

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    One of my favorite emulators.. it definitely was and still is one of the most unique of them around.. putting new graphics in Donkey Kong while keeping the exact same arcade gameplay was awesome. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of it.

    I still talk to mikedx now on then via msn messenger.. he's busy with his woman and new child, and is doing pretty well. I doubt he'll go back to emudx anytime soon. But as is, it already kicks ass

    As for xp.. no, I havent tried it. I imagine you could experiment with XP's compatibility modes.. you know how to access that right? Give that a shot. I'll try it out a little later and let you know

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